Counselling & ART Therapy

Helping people express their inner JOY and Creativity

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Deborah uses a gentle intuitive approach to help clients deal with challenging Life tasks. She has a warm engaging personality that quickly puts people at ease. As an art therapist, Deborah encourages clients to consider the use of Art materials (if they are open to that approach) to further explore their possibilities. The use of art materials in the counselling sessions is not required and is strictly voluntary. 


About Me

Deborah has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) since 2011 with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and a Professional Art Therapist since 2003 with the BC Art Therapy Association. 

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Counselling Credentials

Deborah received an M.A. in Counselling Psychology (specializing in Art Therapy) in 2003 from  Adler University in Chicago, Il.  She also has training in Mindfulness-based therapies & other modalities.

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 What is ART Therapy?

Art Therapy is an expressive therapy that combines visual art-making and psychotherapy in a creative process.  No prior art training or skill is required to have a successful art therapy session. 

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About ART Therapy

In a typical session, after an initial discussion, the therapist invites the client to create a visual image in response to the presenting problem. Once the image is completed, it is viewed in an non-judgmental way by both the therapist and client together. Further discussion ensues as a result of the imagery that appears.


Follow your HEART and take your brain with you.

Alfred Alder (Psychotherapist 1870-1937)

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The Studio Space

Deborah has a bright inviting space that puts clients at ease. There are also 2 work stations for clients to explore with Art materials, if they so choose.