What is ART Therapy?


ART Therapy - How does it work?

In an Art Therapy session, there is no pressure to make representational images. The materials chosen and how they are used - paint a more vivid picture of an underlying issue than the final product itself.

Often the images that appear speak louder than any words that get exchanged in conventional talk-therapy.  As well, images created over a series of Art Therapy sessions often illuminate recurrent themes or patterns that need to be resolved in order for growth and healing to occur.

Insights gained from the images allow conflicts or problems to be examined more closely and re-experienced so they can be resolved and integrated.  Ultimately, the goal is for clients to gain sufficient relief so that they can move forward in Life.


Do you I have to do Art?

No! Art making is entirely optional and not a requirement to engage in a counselling session with Deborah.

What happens to the Art products?

Any art created is the sole property of the client. It is securely stored by the therapist for the duration of the therapy and returned to the client at the end of treatment.

2. JPegDEB-at Drafting table.jpg

One of the work stations for art making.