About me


I have been a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) since 2011 with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors and a Professional Art Therapist since 2003 with the BC Art Therapy Association. 

I am an accomplished therapist with over 20 years counselling experience in schools at both the elementary & secondary levels on the Sunshine Coast since 1995. In my capacity as school counsellor, I have assisted many students and their families in meeting and dealing with the inevitable challenges of daily living.

I believe that the individual has the inner resources to overcome their current challenges and problems.  I act as a guide to help clients access those hidden strengths and resources.  I do not believe in pathologizing.  I feel that people’s distressing reactions to Life are often  normal and reasonable given the crazy circumstances they may find themselves in.   

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Deborah's empathic nature & keen sense of humour make people feel at home.


My aim is to help people overcome the challenges they face so that they can make lasting changes that move them from a coping stance to actually thriving in their daily lives.  

Ultimately, the goal is to help people get to a place of ongoing transformation where they find themselves expressing their inner JOY and creativity in whatever form that may be. 

I have my own eclectic Art practice where I express myself with a variety of materials from acrylics to oils, to gold leaf & collage.  When not working in my studio, I enjoy yoga & meditation, hiking & cycle touring and spending time with family & friends.