Counselling Credentials


Academic Credentials & Professional Affiliations:

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor

    (RCC # 4351)

  • Professional Art Therapist

    (# 0334P)

  • M.A. (Counselling Psychology – Art Therapy) Adler University 2003

  • Certificate – Mental Health First Aid Canada 2018

  • Certificate - Mindfulness for Educators:Smart Education (UBC) 2016

  • Certificate - Applied Metapsychology & Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) 2014

  • Certificate - Applied Metapsychology & Life Stress Reduction (LSR) 2013

  • Diploma Guidance Studies (UBC) 1992


Education & experience

Deborah has enhanced her training in Adlerian Psychology, a humanistic positive approach to psychotherapy, with extensive practice in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy & other modalities.

With the above as her base, she tailors her approach to best suit the needs of the client, combining Art therapy with talk therapy, as needed.  The use of Art is not necessary for clients who are uncomfortable with that approach.

Deborah also incorporates principles of Positive Psychology as supported by the research of Dr. Daniel Siegel into her counselling practice.

Other techniques sometimes used in her therapy sessions include:

  •  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Applied Metapsychology using:

    1. Incident Reduction technique (TIR)

    2. Traumatic Incident Reduction technique (TIR)

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